A Shadowed Dance

(A Narrative in Verse)

"A Shadowed Dance" is a book written by Bruce Craig in the form of a narrative, using a classical sonnet form. It is the continuation of a series of events described in an earlier narrative, "A 19th-Century Friend." Below is given a Table of Contents with a link to the text of Chapter One, followed by a brief synopsis of the plot:

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Chapter 1 The Past (entire chapter)
Chapter 2 Arrival (entire chapter)
Chapter 3 Babette (entire chapter)
Chapter 4 Renée (entire chapter)
Chapter 5 Each Day (entire chapter)
Chapter 6 Bernard (entire chapter)
Chapter 7 Transition (entire chapter)
Chapter 8 Les Malauds (entire chapter)
Chapter 9 Aftermath (entire chapter)
Chapter 10 History (entire chapter)
Chapter 11 Passage (entire chapter)
Chapter 12 Return (entire chapter)


The events transpire at the close of the 19th Century. Lev, a Russian violinist, has followed his friend and mentor, Feldtman, from Saint Petersburg to Paris, where they become enmeshed in a community of Russian émigrés who earn their livings as free-lance musicians. Over a period of time, Lev is drawn into various circles of French life, each existing at different and contrasting social levels. The circumstances of Lev's background and upbringing become linked to his everyday life in ways that conflict with his sometimes naive attempts to move between the various social levels with which he has come into contact.

Principal characters are: Lev, Feldtman, Renée, Bernard and his mother, and Babette and her family, the Malauds. As with its predecessor, "A 19th-Century Friend," the style of "A Shadowed Dance" uses strict meter and rhyme to impart a flavor of the continuing times about which both books have been written.

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